Jimmy Brown - 17th Oct 2012

Shot in London, The Wanted - looking well mean and surly - rescue a damsel in distress in Chris Marrs Piliero's cinematic mini-drama for their I Found You.

It's a marked change in style from the boys' previous promos, that's for sure - and that was the whole point, as Chris explains. "I wanted to make a video for The Wanted that stood apart from not just their previous videos, but from boy band videos as a whole," he says.

"My initial impulse was to give them a narrative that gave them the opportunity to be really cool throughout... a kind of Ocean's 11 type crew but a little more badass. I was stoked that the boys were into an anti-hero concept so I rolled with it to give the vid a fun change up at the end.

"This was my second time directing in London and I've loved both experiences. It's good times out there. Because of the sudden and quick schedule behind creating this video I had to do a lot of my preproduction work while completing a different video in the States.

"I viewed pics of talent and locations and set design and locked everything down before flying out a couple of days before the shoot day. My crew rocked, and The Wanted brought their A games to help create a kick ass video that I'm very stoked on."



DirectorChris Marrs Piliero
ProducerLeanne Stott
Production CompanyRokkit
1st ADDan Precious
Production ManagerJoe Paulo
Art DirectorLou Corcoran

Jimmy Brown - 17th Oct 2012

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