Jimmy Brown - 16th Oct 2012

Following a year building an online following (two million hits on his Youtube channel), Oxford-born singer-songwriter Lewis Watson joins forces with Alexander Brown for this atmospheric promo to Sink Or Swim - from his forthcoming EP Another Four Sad Songs.

Matching the melancholy of the lyric, Alexander shoots the 19 year old braving the hideous English weather, performing alongside various stretches of water - a river, a deserted swimming pool and the coast - ending with an impressive dive...

PRO Credits


DirectorAlexander Brown
Production CompanyNice & Polite
ProducerGail Mosley
Director of PhotographySara Deane
Focus PullerAggie Balogh
Production AssistantLuke Graham
EditorSam Jones
ColouristSteve G
Grading companyMPC

Jimmy Brown - 16th Oct 2012

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