Sam Hill - 9th Oct 2012

Jake Harmer brings a touch of 90's and a dollop of psychedelia-chic to Birmingham band Peace, with his colourful promo for Bloodshake. There's even some gentle fun poked at another indie band - meant in the nicest possible way I'm sure.

"We wanted to create a video that's the polar opposite to the cinematic," explains Jake. "Hectic, garish and bold - with Peaces' performance central in a chaotic warped realm. The lo-fi concept allowed us to kayak through the rapids of the band's brains, exploring their deepest inner thoughts visually through a series of iconic vignettes. This gave birth to some fine individual performances, my favorite being Harry's deadpan snog with a catfish in a giant cocktail glass. Delicious!"


DirectorJake Harmer
Production CompanyKnock Knock
ProducerShabana Mansuri
Director of PhotographySam Goldie
GafferMartin Kloud
Production AssistantMegan Croft
Art DirectorSam Coldy and James Croff
CommissionerElizabeth Doonan
LabelSony Music

Sam Hill - 9th Oct 2012

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