Jimmy Brown - 28th Sept 2012

In Ruskin Kyle's promo for Cocosmalice's June Exit, a beautiful young woman (played by Victoria Fischer) prepares to go on a swift and surreal journey through the urban sprawl of London - while a worn-out old man is awaiting a thrill at the end of the road.

But the twist in the tale is that it turns out to be a modern allegory about euthanasia - a serious subject, but then Ruskin Kyle has enjoyed considerable success making hard-hitting music videos that tackle contemporary social issues in a way that grab people's attention. Ruskin previously directed the hugely powerful video for The A Team that helped Ed Sheeran come to prominence, and has now notched nearly 45 million views.



DirectorRuskin Kyle
Production CompanyRivers Rush
ProducerRyan Dean
Director of PhotographyCharlie Jones
EditorNeil Lenthall
ManBrian Croucher

Jimmy Brown - 28th Sept 2012

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