Jimmy Brown - 27th Sept 2012

Stuart Birchall's promo for While She Sleeps' Our Courage Our Cancer - dealing with a raw and serious subject - oscillates between the band giving a suitably very spirited performance in a large abandoned house and a narrative of an old man looking back on his life.

Freely galloping horses, soaring birds, a baby, a soldier off to war and the death of a loved one punctuate the band's performance to highly contrasting and emotional effect.

"'The themes and sentiments in the lyrics are very clear and even if you are not a fan of the genre the power of this track is obvious' was my first reaction to listening to Our Courage Our Cancer" explains Stuart.

"The band have very distinct references and ideas and we discussed how we could approach this in the very limited time we had. We also faced a number of technical issues we had to work around and had some pretty serious set backs. I think when your working on a project with such a strong message you find a way and it was always going to be something special.

"The themes are fairly universal and most people understand the struggles we face in life, the heros and loved ones lost. The team pulled together some amazing work under the circumstances, with DOP Maeve O Connell and Producer Leila Mousavi rising to the challenges under pressure, and Alex Dunn (YouKnow) bringing together a fantastic edit and grade.

"I have been looking to work with the band for a while and so i jumped at the opportunity. Its definitely one of my favourite videos".

Watch 'While She Sleeps 'Our Courage Our Cancer' by Stuart Birchall' here


DirectorStuart Birchall
Production CompanyItasca Films, Numinous Pictures
Post ProducerYou Know
Line ProducerLeila Mousavi
Director of PhotographyMaeve O'Connell
GafferDarren Koh, Ben Manwaring

Jimmy Brown - 27th Sept 2012

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