David Knight - 13th Sept 2012

Lyric videos are notching up millions of hits on YouTube, and here's one that's actually worth watching. Mike Amin's lyric video Cassettes Won't Listen's Falling Apart, commissioned via Radar, and has been featured on Stereogum and The 405 due to its standout artfulness. The words of the song progressively form pictures that narrate the story and build visual texture.

"It was exciting to have a chance to make a music video entirely focused on type, since fonts have the power to evoke certain emotions, and the song is quite an emotional piece," says Mike. "When an appropriate font is combined with powerful lyrics it's like a one-two emotional punch that can be the difference between a listener liking a song and loving a song..."

Jason Drake (aka Cassettes Won't Listen) is a fan of lyric videos. "I feel it adds an extra dimension of interactivity to a music video," he says. "By reading the lyrics in real time you're actually internally singing the song and interacting with the music."

Cassettes Won't Listen
Falling Apart (Dope Lotus Records)
Commissioner: Via Radar Music Videos


David Knight - 13th Sept 2012

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