David Knight - 7th Sept 2012

A pulsating, piledriving and rather naughty visual feast by Adam Baroukh and Eddie Sternberg - nothing less than a day-glo psychedelic cocktail of pixelmorphing FX, nudity and serious strobing - for the summer vibes of Bobby Tank's Afterburn.

"The video has been described as 'three minutes of hitting the turbo-boost on Mario Kart's Rainbow Road, except everyone's topless'...I guess is kind of what we were going for!" says Eddie. "As soon as we saw the brief up on Radar and first heard the track we sat down in silence, open-mouthed, thinking about the possibilities. It was epic, immense, frantic, celebratory, beautiful and as Bobby Tank himself calls it; maximalist.

"We had been experimenting with pixel morphing and had always wanted to use it for the right video, then the idea came to us...: 'F*ck yeah' moments from scenes that don't exist, all morphing in and out of each other in bright neon, 80s, yet futuristic technicolor. Essentially it's a celebration of 'f*ck yeah' mixed in with our version of the psychedelic journey at the end of 2001: a Space Odyssey."



DirectorAdam Baroukh
Production CompanySuperplex
EditorAdam Baroukh
StylistHayley Crompton
ColouristAdam Baroukh
DirectorEddie Sternberg

David Knight - 7th Sept 2012

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