Jimmy Brown - 30th Aug 2012

Following his video for Devil Sold His Soul earlier this week, Stuart Birchall unveils another hard-hitting promo - a brutal story of revenge for Gallows' Outsider Art, featuring a striking performance by Mina Renoir.

"The Gallows ' Outsider Art' video was a real challenge" explains Stuart. "Time and resources were stretched in order to create something very striking and at the same time cover a full story. When your looking to cover a full narrative in a very short time (under 4 mins) your going to face plenty of challenges.

"I gravitate towards narrative and storytelling and films have been a strong influences in much of my work. Its easy to string together a series of nice aesthetic images or artistic ideas without much connection or relevance, favouring a more attractive image over narrative structures, but very often your faced with a more complex narrative , layered characters and sequences and it really challenges the filmmaker in you to bring it all together.

"The band were keen to follow a story and we discussed ways to fit it all into the short time frame. Alex Dunn (editor) worked well with the footage to overlap the ideas and keep the audience involved. The main character is multidimensional and without much time you have to pick the right shots to connect you with her journey and keep it vibrant and entertaining.

The production itself was a roller-coaster, everything that could go wrong did and at times we really felt as if the project was doomed, but we pulled together and rose to the task, facing some unprecedented challenges and set backs. Looking at some of the shots and knowing how they were achieved reminds me of how it felt making my first films and having to think or resourceful ways to make things happen.

"I'm from the same town as most of the band and have been looking to work with them for a few years so it was nice to finally put together a project we were all really proud of.

Watch 'Gallows 'Outsider Art' by Stuart Birchall' here


DirectorStuart Birchall
Production CompanyYou Know
Executive ProducerAlex Noyer
Director of PhotographyRob Wilton
EditorAlex Dunn
Focus PullerThom Nicholson
Clapper LoaderDan Alexander
GafferDarren Koh
ProducerLeila Mousavi
Production AssistantErin Large, Chris Pilkington, Robb Leech
RunnerNicola Rachel Smith
StylistAbi Walker
CastMina Renoir, Maggie Bartrop, Karris Beckingham, Rebecca Dutton, Alison King, Ezra Bristow Smith + Stunt Team

Jimmy Brown - 30th Aug 2012

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