David Knight - 16th Aug 2012

For Norwegian singer-songwriter Susanne Sundfør, the video for The Silicone Veil is directed by photographer/filmmaker Luke Gilford and it's the very strange tale of a woman who's pulling tricks for a particular reason. She's saving up for a special procedure. And whatever you think its for... well, it's almost certainly not that.

Susanne Sundfør plays the lover of the woman, played by Rya Kleinpeter, who undergoes an extraordinary transformation... and top marks go to Cale Thomas, responsible for the special FX makeup...


Director of PhotographyUlrik Boel Bentzen
ProducerSamantha Silvers and Meagan Judkins
GafferJeff Marlowe
Production designerHe
StylistMonique Santiago
DITBrian Emrich
CastRya Kleinpeter and Susanne Sundfor

David Knight - 16th Aug 2012

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