Jimmy Brown - 16th Aug 2012

Subject to a lucious grade so vivid it takes on an almost psychedelic quality, Jimmy Ahlander and Robin Antiga's intriguing promo for Cave Painting's So Calm was shot in LA and the Mojave Desert.

"For the pool scene in Los Angeles we used 5D cameras with underwater houses," explains Jimmy. "It was a pretty basic shoot except from that the TV cracked due to the pressure of the water and it sank to the bottom after an hour of shooting.

"The DP Donald Mckinnon was then afraid of stepping into the water due to chemicals. He managed to get in and did an excellent job later on though. He is still alive by the way..."


DirectorJimmy Ahlander
Production CompanyPoxyfilm
Director of PhotographyDonald McKinnon & Josh Chase
1st ADCaroline Dennerqvist
CastMichaela Rances , Corsica Wilson
DirectorRobin Antiga

Jimmy Brown - 16th Aug 2012

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