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EmalKay 'Bring It Down' by Jake Harmer

David Knight - 10th Aug 2012

An enigmatic tale set in a decimated world for EmalKay's Bring It Down, directed and produced by Jake Harmer, featuring two girls as they travel through this ruined landscape, mostly in face masks - but occasionally stopping to smell the flowers.

The Bring It Down video was shot on location in Sussex and Kent - and has already provoked a lot of YouTube debate. Jake Harmer isn't giving too much away on the meaning of the video - but he does quote 'ThePsilocypher' for what he considers "the most interesting description so far."

"[The girls] wear the masks because they have to in a polluted world, and the dream-like way they're shown in the meadow,? and then it fading to grey, suggests it's probably a flash back to before the 'fall'. They probably are gay, but I think to focus on that is to get distracted from the actual point. They're survivors of a revolution ("bring it down") depicted in the intercut news footage, exploring a decimated world."

David Knight - 10th Aug 2012


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Production Company
Knock Knock


Director of Photography
Stuart McCardle


Production Assistant
Eric Harmer


Ben Hunt


Luke Morrison


Post Producer
John Price
Post Producer
Ninian Doff

David Knight - 10th Aug 2012

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