Sam Hill - 2nd Aug 2012

Following on from his mightily impressive video for Napalm Death, Tim Fox has another special effects promo hidden up his sleeve, this time for slightly mellower, cinematic post-rockers Blueneck.

'Lilitu' is an impressive, totally CGI affair following the fleeting, but beautiful life of a solitary butterfly. Tim has brought an excellent sense of motion to his scenes, and has created some delicate textures and atmospheric lighting. Ultimately it's a sad story, but not everything in life is sunshine and lollipops eh

Tim Fox on making the video for Blueneck Lilitu

"Limited budgets, timescales and no performances to shoot around, the focus for this video was narrative, narrative, narrative! The track is extremely moving and to me felt quite sad - not in a depressed way but melancholic. I threw away any conventions of happy endings, or positive messages and concentrated on packing a heart-wrenching punch in the gut. So much so, that the band were uncomfortable with the initial ending.

"We went through a few re-writes for the ending, originally the butterfly got caught in a bug zapper and then to add insult to injury got run over by a car. I think it crossed the taste barrier a bit! On showing my girlfriend an initial draft, and hearing her whimper towards the end, I knew it had the effect I was after."


DirectorTim Fox
Production CompanyCultlovesyou
CommissionerMike Herbrik / Jim T

Sam Hill - 2nd Aug 2012

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