Sam Hill - 2nd Aug 2012

Here's another batch of entries to the BBC Music Video Festival, showcasing some of the regional submissions from around the UK to the Festival that will commence next month and be showing new music video work on BBC Big Screens in cities around the land of Team GB.

This week we're heading north of the border, with a series of videos that reflect the rich musical heritage in Scotland. Firstly, Dam Mantle's eerie post-dubstep makes a great backdrop for this jealous tale, played out in emotive black and white.

Ben Cowie's at the reigns for this charming video for pop-melancholic Dave Frazer. It's a classic formula - singing to the camera edited against different backdrops - but there's some fabulous locations (some of which could only be Scotland) and Dave's slightly saddened expression is top notch.

Heading to Edinburgh, we catch up with trip-hopper Nasty P. Keir Siewert of Breaking Point Flix has delivered a really slick and stylish promo, with some ultra-cool split-screen

Nasty P
Caffeine Holiday
Directed by: Keir Siewert

More info about The BBC Music Video Festival can be found here.Sam Hill? Sam Hill is producer of the BBC Music Video Festival 2012


DirectorBen Cowie
Director of PhotographyNial Walker
EditorBen Cowie with help from Dave Frazer, Nial Walker and Alan Cameron

Sam Hill - 2nd Aug 2012

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