David Knight - 25th July 2012

Produced with the aid of a hacked 3D infrared sensor in the new XBOX Kinect console, both promos allow the viewer to fully interact with the band's performances.

In the atmospheric TNT For Two, the viewer controls the camera while the band performs on a deserted beach and follow an ethereal figure across the sand and through the trees.
In the more playful These Are Conditions, the viewer is in control of everything - as the band plays you can pull them to bits in 3D and put them back together into surreal exquisite corpses. One can swap the singers head for bassist's, create an audience of giant penguins, stack a tower of amps a thousand kilometers into sky... the possibilities are infinite in the surreal 3D sandbox.

Watch 'Pajama Club 'TNT For Two' & 'These Are Conditions' by Jeff Nusz and Sam Peacocke' here


DirectorJeff Nusz and Sam Peacocke

David Knight - 25th July 2012

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