Jimmy Brown - 23rd July 2012

Dan Peters constructs a cool reverse dance/mime scenario - populated by some very cool FX - in his promo for Dan Le Sac's dreamy Memorial/Reprisals - his second for Le Sac.

"Joe, Dan Le Sac and I looked to Hong Kong action films and Japanese anime for inspiration to tell the tragic story of a supernaturally powered girl which is revealed as the video unfolds backwards," explains Dan.

"As the following track on Dan's album naturally flows from 'Memorial', we thought it was a good opportunity to then tell the story again - but playing forwards in a frenetic, quick-cutting fashion.

"We learnt on this video that editing backwards causes massive headaches in terms of chronology and flow, and that using a steadicam is not as easy as it looks!"



DirectorDan Peters
Production CompanyMonument Media
ProducerLeyla Caglayan
Production ManagerHannah Stansbridge
Art DirectorAnna Drake
CastJade Moira Lawrence & Henry Allan

Jimmy Brown - 23rd July 2012

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