Jimmy Brown - 20th July 2012

Shot in the downtown area of Los Angeles, Mike Bruce's promo for Noel Gallagher's next single Everybody's On The Run, features appearances by Mischa Barton and Cameron Van Hoy.

The OC actress gets her dress caught in a cab driven by Gallagher and as he drives away, rips it clean off and drama ensues.

In another part of town Cameron Van Hoy wearing the 'his' version of Mischa's leopard pants, opens the door to find a parcel with a pair of blue trainers inside...

It's the latest in a very fruitful run of videos by Mike Bruce for Noel Gallagher's debut solo album, following The Death Of You And Me, AKA What A Life (co-directed with Blake West), and Dream On.



DirectorMike Bruce
Production CompanyStreetlight Films
CommissionerMarcus Russell

Jimmy Brown - 20th July 2012

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