Jimmy Brown - 18th July 2012

Tim Fox delivers his impressive large-scale, high-concept promo for Napalm Death - a metal vid with a difference.

"We had the tricky task of satisfying some of the most staunchly hardcore critics in heavy metal fans and making something a bit different to the standard heavy metal formula" explains Tim. "The band are deeply political, this song is about controlling populations through fear.

"The video shows the heirarchy in an ant colony - the oppressed worker ants, oppressive soldier ants and the fanatical queen ant - here represented by the pope. Special mention must go to David Richter who played our ant man, a circus performing mime artist by day, he had us all in stitches on set despite the nature of the video. Unfortunately the footage of him vomiting yoghurt never made the cut".


DirectorTim Fox
CastDavid Richter
CommissionerJens Pruter

Jimmy Brown - 18th July 2012

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