Sam Hill - 18th July 2012

This is the first in a series of posts about this year's BBC Music Video Festival, exploring some of the music videos that have been sent to the Festival so far - in the run-up to the events and screenings around the country kicking off in September and October.

Appropriately enough, we'll be looking at the work being produced in different regions of the UK, highlighting the flourishing creative collaborations of music and filmmaking in those areas, as well as what our international cousins have put together.

And it seems only right and proper that we begin in Norfolk. The Festival is now largely based in London, but Norwich remains its spiritual home, having birthed The BBC Music Video Festival four years ago. And once again, Norwich's Fusion - Europe's largest permanent digital gallery - will provide an important venue at this year's event in September.

Firstly, there's a video from mathy-pop-choralists Olympians, who teamed up with Illustration student Michael Parkin to create this delightful piece. Staying firmly in Olympians' 'Book Club' territory (the band distribute records in cut-out novels) the band's Dan Harvey and Benjamin Thompson animated Parkin's work to create something part lyric-video, part sculpture.

Surprisingly for some, I suspect, Norfolk has a pretty strong hip-hop culture and this video from Thetford's Franko Fraize by Suffolk-based Tom J Cronin has the motion, movement and passion you expect from a video in the genre.!

And one of my favourites from last year is this fascinating collab from Norfolk-bred electronic musician, poet Sam Riviere and photographer Katherine Mager. It's a mesmeric and contemplative fusion of music, image and words.

Luke Abbott - Brazil (Border Community)
Directed by Katherine Mager
Words by Sam Riviere

More info about The BBC Music Video Festival, including submissions info can be found here. The submissions deadline is the 1st August. Sam Hill? Sam Hill is producer of the BBC Music Video Festival 2012


DirectorTom J Cronin

Sam Hill - 18th July 2012

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