David Knight - 3rd July 2012

In the video a woman researcher produces an unassuming wooden box, which turns out to be an intriguingly arcane recording device that produces a physical manifestation of a waveform, hovering just above the machine. It may not be as spectacular as the 'disappearing man' effects of Memory Tapes, but the excellence and impact of the effect is in its subtlety, and it forms part of the narative which explores a process of experimentation.

"The video shows a researcher working on a machine to record sensory experience," Eric Epstein explains of the Hilary Hahn and Hauschka video. "She's figuring out how to process the signal by recording herself and trying to tune patterns out of the chaos. Later on, recording multiple test subjects in one location with different senses isolated, is a bit like recording a band playing with multiple microphones. But music sort of is a wavey thing that connects to other senses in mysterious ways, so I suppose it's about synesthesia."


DirectorEric Epstein
ProducerEric Epstein
Production Company[none]
Director of PhotographyEric Epstein
Art DirectorEric Epstein
Stylist[none I loosely advised the actors as to wh
EditorEric Epstein & Robert Lopusk
ColouristEric Epstein
CastJordan Bruner, Nadia Husain, Kevin Lawler, Edward Tasick, Ayli Velorok, Desmond Williams, Nancy Diana Wong

David Knight - 3rd July 2012

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