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XNY 'Another Way' by Serena Reynolds

David Knight - 21st June 2012

An intimate, erotically-charged video for XNY's Another Way by Serena Reynolds, making the most of singer/guitarist Pam Autuori's considerable charisma - and her genuine passion for her fellow bandmember Jacob Schreiber.

"I wanted to make this video to speak on a innocence we all carry with us, a stage of love that never leaves us, but bring to this that people are inherently dualistic and that we never leave this "home" we come from," explains Serena.

"I wrote the storyline a while back not really knowing how close these two were, and I was a bit nervous I was going to really have to push them. When we got to shooting it - I didn't have direct much to get this charged authentic love - it was really disarming.

"We shot video in 25 degree weather and Pam and Jacob were freezing to death. I think it added a bit of delirium..."


David Knight - 21st June 2012


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Serena Reynolds

David Knight - 21st June 2012

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