Jimmy Brown - 31st May 2012

Dan Peters' promo for Dan Le Sac's Play Along is a multi-level affair - a horror story, a cartoon, a video game and a TV ad all rolled into one.

"Joe and I have been friends with Dan for a while and collaborated on projects before but we really wanted to pull out all the stops for his debut solo music video" explains Dan.

"The treatment Dan chose dealt with how the entertainment industry repackages dark, adult content to kids for commercial gain. This meant shooting a horror film, animating a Saturday morning cartoon intro and video game, and creating a toy commercial, which was all tied together with the context of Dan watching TV.

"The amount of work, however, was easily balanced by how much fun we had making it."


DirectorDan Peters
Special ThanksMalcolm & Sandy Stern

Jimmy Brown - 31st May 2012

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