David Knight - 14th May 2012

Perfectly translating the pounding beats, it's more or less an expert sketch compared to Alexander's previous other work, including his tour de force Exodus...


DirectorAlexander Lehmann

David Knight - 14th May 2012

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A Day In Paris by Benoît Millot

Highly impressive 3D combined with the 7D by Benoît Millot and Microbe Studio, for concessions/construction corporation Vinci.

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Sun Industries 'Shiver' by TinyDog

Signed to the Noel Gallagher-affiliated Ignition imprint, the mysterious space-loving electronic combo Sun Industries hire TinyDog to take their inter-galactic obsessions to new heights via the …

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Delorean 'Crystal' by Joan Guasch

Created from two 3D scanned characters, Joan Guasch's video for Delorean's Crystal is a psychedelic trip through different stages in a relationship. The photogrammetry technique …

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