Jimmy Brown - 14th May 2012

Charting the journey of Ashley Pabón from New York to Mexico City to attend a concert by Juan Magan, Alex De Campi delivers this inventive promo for the producer/DJ.

"The brief was to shoot a live video in Mexico City, and we pitched to make the journey - which would otherwise eat up a fair amount of budget in travel costs - be the video" explains Alex.

"Starting in NYC in a snowstorm, we drove south 1,300 miles in 7 days to Mexico City, shooting as we went. We shot on a 7D, with a GoPro as a B camera for timelapse and some effects work."

"It's just an amazing experience having so many geographically unique locations, with different qualities of light, to shoot in, in such a compressed period of time. We were of course sluts for magic hour, so up before dawn to shoot, drive drive drive, and then shoot again at sunset..."


DirectorAlex de Campi
Director of PhotographyNolan Maloney
CommissionerGuillermo Enguita

Jimmy Brown - 14th May 2012

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