Jimmy Brown - 4th May 2012

For The Zax' Nothing To Celebrate, Ben&Julia unravel this rather odd tale of a mature lady and Peake - her pekinese dog - living it up in their lurid pink apartment, drinking pink champagne...

"We stopped doing music video two years ago to focus on our art," explain the directing duo "Then, last October we were approached by Nick Jr to do a music video for Yo Gabba Gabba, featuring Biz Markie (still unreleased). We loved the song and the show so we decided to challenge ourselves by making a piece that we would love, but at the same time would be easy to create.

"Jim Henson once said 'simple is good'. We applied the same philosophy to this project, and made it in one month - just focusing on delivering an extremely aesthetic and emotional piece, and to keep the production as light as possible. Then, making music videos becomes a pleasure..."


Casting directorAna Dávila
PuppeteerBenoit Creac'h
Make-upErika Abalos
StudioAlmost Berlin
Special ThanksStink Berlin, Hornet inc., Lunch

Jimmy Brown - 4th May 2012

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