Jimmy Brown - 4th May 2012

In their third video for the London band, JonJai deliver an inventive and cool slice of 'iPad mayhem' for Boxes' new track Red Skies.

"A simple concept, costing less than £400 (the iPads were borrowed) and produced from inception to edit in less than 10 days by a very small crew," explain JonJai.

"The video features six separate edits of the video loaded onto six separate iPads which are contained within a cardboard cube which was then moved in a specific learned sequence and shot in one single take from start to finish, basically forming an alternative form of editing for the video - moving from one side to the other substituting for a cut.

"The film also features a group of contemporary dancers and some powder paint - always an explosive combination. This sequence was then layered on top of a a split-screen edit, showing the multi talented lead artist Carey Willetts (aka Boxes) playing just some of the many instruments featured on the track".


Production CompanyThe Bank

Jimmy Brown - 4th May 2012

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