Jimmy Brown - 26th Apr 2012

After creating a hand drawn world full of unique characters for the video for The Adventures Of Wincent Wespa, Lee Bamsey and Steve Gurr were approached by Daystar's management through Wincent's Twitter page to produce a video in the same style - starring Wincent Wespa.

They roughed out a narrative between them that reflected the story of the track, then began work on storyboarding it.

"A job like this requires 100% planning, pre-production and attention to detail as the shots need to be locked off before production begins on CG" explains Lee.

"The narrative developed nicely as we worked through it adding lots of nice touches to give it even more impact. The psychedelic scene from the first video seemed to be popular as it was requested to be in there agaiin, so it was taken up a notch for this one".



DirectorLee Bamsey, Steve Gurr
EditorLee Bamsey, Steve Gurr
3D AnimatorSteve Gurr

Jimmy Brown - 26th Apr 2012

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