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Orbital 'Wonky' by Mat Horne

Promonews - 18th Apr 2012

If you've never really liked cats or quite simply hate them, look away now: this video is likely to induce horrible nightmares. If, on the contrary, you like the little buggers, you'll enjoy Orbital's comeback video for Wonky.

Produced, co-directed by and starring comedian Mat Horne, it sees our hero slowly losing his marbles as he's surrounded cats singing at him (with Lady Leshurr's voice, featured on the track) - from mugs, T-shirts and pet food boxes. Is he just imagining it Or do those increasingly menacing really want to do him in.

The promo is the first from Orbital's recently released new album - also titled Wonky. Valeria Fiordimare

Promonews - 18th Apr 2012


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Mat Horne
Production Company
Ruffian Films

Promonews - 18th Apr 2012

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