David Knight - 20th Mar 2012

Surprising, superb, eyeball-pounding animation for Paul Weller's Green - from the new album Sonik Kicks - by Russ Murphy aka RUFFMERCY.

Its the latest offering from a refreshingly different visual campaign, with Weller and Universal commissioning Soup Factory to make several videos to reflect the psychedelia-tinged wall of sound that Weller has created for this new album.

"Musically he's not looking back and he wanted the visuals to respect that," says Russ Murphy. "I wanted to see how far I could push the brief, make something not expected of Weller. But most of all I just wanted to make your eyeballs hurt. I definitely know I achieved the latter. The label, production company and Weller were with it all the way."

Paul Weller
Green (Universal)
Direction, design & animation: RUFFMERCY Additional design: Vault49
Producer: Andy Soup
Prod co: Soup Factory



Production CompanySoup Factory
ProducerAndy Soup

David Knight - 20th Mar 2012

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