David Knight - 9th Mar 2012

It's already been described somewhere as an instant classic, and we are not inclined to disagree with that assessment of Emily Kai Bock's wonderful video for Grimes's Oblivion.

Emily, her cinematographer Evan Prosofsky and Claire Boucher (aka Grimes) shot most of it 'guerilla' at a football stadium in Montreal, using the action on the field (football, but also a gobsmackingly huge dirt bike rally) as a backdrop, and getting the fans involved, together with some more staged displays of testosterone-fuelled locker room action. It's frankly awesome.

Interview with Emily Kai Bock and Claire Boucher about the making of the video Pitchfork.



DirectorEmily Kai Bock
Director of PhotographyEvan Prosofsky

David Knight - 9th Mar 2012

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