Jimmy Brown - 22nd Feb 2012


Production CompanyMoonrunners Media
Director of PhotographyMax Brill

Jimmy Brown - 22nd Feb 2012

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Lyracis 'Speakerphone' by The Moonrunners

Currently un-signed but gaining support from Choice FM, Kiss and 1Xtra, UK rapper Lyracis enlists The Moonrunners to translate the hard beats of Speakerphone. The result is this fast-paced, gritty …

Jimmy Brown - 10th Feb 2012


N-Dubz’ Girls by Rage

Taken from their album Love.Live.Life, Rage documents the thrilling world of N-Dubz - Raybans, bling, casinos, pretty ladies... they're all here - via this glossy promo for new single …

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Justice ‘On ‘N’ On’ by Alex Courtes

Life, death and the cosmos... only the big stuff in the mesmerising video for Justice's On 'N' On by Alex Courtes - his big return to directing videos since completing his first feature The Incident …

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