David Knight - 13th Feb 2012

Andreas Nilsson is back with his unique brand of oddness for Miike Snow's Paddling Out - his own take on alien abduction. These aliens are period-dressing cosmetic surgeons in a house-shaped spaceship-cum clone factory, who transform a hapless redneck earthling into the ultimate human - who happens to have an enormous schnozz...

As Andreas says: "Witness the birth of a new medical order seen through a bent mirror. The clone factory, an evil and childish experiment, is floating through space preparing a prank that will make no one laugh. Our abducted hero, Jean Noel, becomes the evolution of the perfect human. Let there be nose!"

PRO Credits


DirectorAndreas Nilsson
Production CompanyFurlined
ProducerGreg Haggart
EditorFinal Cut
Director of PhotographyFredrik Backar Telecine
Director's RepresentationBlink
EditorArianna Tomasettig

David Knight - 13th Feb 2012

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