David Knight - 10th Feb 2012

After the controversial Jonestown Massacre-themed Go Outside, Cults return to Isaiah Seret to direct the video for Know What I Mean. And it's another story touched with searing violence.

This is more of a straight cinematic drama, about a boy and a girl (Cults' Madeleine Follin and Brian Oblivion), the girl's fearsome father, and a nearby deserted carnival. More on this beautifully-mounted 'dark romance' at NPR.org

PRO Credits


DirectorIsaiah Seret
ProducerJason Baum
Executive ProducerCandice Ouaknine
Director of PhotographyM
EditorLuke Lynch
Production CompanyPrettybird
Director's RepresentationDoomsday

David Knight - 10th Feb 2012

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