David Knight - 7th Feb 2012

In the pantheon of OK Go videos (and its now a quite large pantheon) this rates as the arguably the most outlandish, least feasible and certainly the biggest budgeted one so far: a kind of automotive musical Rube Goldberg machine. The kind only made possible by a partnership with a car company.

One thousand instruments, placed over two miles of desert outside Los Angeles, are 'played' by a Chevy Sonic, outfitted with retractable pneumatic arms, while the band record this version of Needing/Getting while sitting in the speeding car, driven by lead singer Damian Kulash.

You can well believe, as it says on the YouTube page, that the video took four months of preparation and four days of shooting and recording; and Damian drove it all himself, having taken stunt driving lessons.

Does the car actually 'play' the song Well, apparently each piano had the lowest octaves tuned to the same note, so that played the right note no matter where they were struck... And that really is a lot of Gretsch guitars.

So it's a bit Clarkson (and a bit like a commercial) for some people's tastes, but another jawdropper nonetheless.



Director of PhotographyYon Thomas
EditorDoug Walker
ProducerLuke Ricci
Co-DirectorBrian L. Perkins
Co-DirectorDamian Kulash, Jr.

David Knight - 7th Feb 2012

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