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Jónsi 'Gathering Stories' by Crush Creative

Promonews - 3rd Feb 2012

When it came to the video of the new track Gathering Stories - part of the soundtrack from Cameron Crowe's new movie We Bought A Zoo - Jónsi decided (or was allowed, more likely) to create an original piece, rather than another movie trailer with the song as a background, as happened in the past for one of his songs (Sticks and Stones for How To Train Your Dragon).

The new animated video has been created by Crush, a Brighton-based creative group at only their second experience with a full-length music promo - most of their previous motion efforts have been book trailers.

The four-minute animated story follows the adventures of a man, who travels through a forest, snowy mountains, the sea (via a Pinocchio reminiscent whale), the sky and a desert, all the while gathering new animal friends.

The simple yet poignant story perfectly matches the Icelander's joyful and majestic music, whilst the style of animation and the fantastical world it creates is a reminder of the artist's homeland (as well as his tour's stage design) where Nature reigns. Valeria Fiordimare

Promonews - 3rd Feb 2012


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Promonews - 3rd Feb 2012

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