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Cate Le Bon 'Fold The Cloth' by Ryan Owen

David Knight - 24th Jan 2012

A lovely video for Cate Le Bon's Fold The Cloth by Ryan Owen, capturing Cate and her four year old niece Greta (and dog Tegan) amid the beautiful sand dunes of Merthyr Mawr at the very last knockings of summer 2011.

Cate and Greta take a pilgrimage to the Sacred Fig tree on top of the Holy Mountain, and fold the cloth over the tree. Then they take their place inside the womb of the Sacred Fig, and light candles.

"I do believe we caught the last sun of the British summer on the last day of September," says Ryan. "Following in our predecessors footsteps, who shot Lawrence of Arabia there, we tried to maintain these highs.

"This video is all about birth. Not the screaming type you see on One Born Every Minute. This is the birth of a beautiful friendship on a lovely hazy summer day."

And the warm hazy feel - its beautifully shot by Luke Jacobs on the Alexa - is perfect for Cate's wonderful psychedelic folk.

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David Knight - 24th Jan 2012


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Ryan Owen


Director of Photography
Luke Jacobs (DoP)
Camera operator
Ryan Owen


Art Director
Huw Evans


Ryan Owen


Jon Rennie

David Knight - 24th Jan 2012

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