David Knight - 23rd Jan 2012

"It was a fun video to make," says Graeme. "I've had a sneaky desire to build a cardboard city for absolutely years and so was thrilled when the band went for this idea. It took me about three weeks to make the city and my friend Gordon Raphael (Strokes producer) agreed to let me construct it in his apartment while he was in LA on a job - I have three cats and a dog in my flat so building it there was out of the question.

"Every Friday I would carry a ton of massive A1 sheets of cardboard from the art shop all the way to Gordon's - I sure did sweat for this video! Unfortunately I got Gordon's return date wrong - he arrived a week before I was finished and had to deal with a giant city filling his living room. I felt pretty bad when I saw him squashed in the corner trying to do his work!

"My wife kindly agreed to help out by painstakingly making the tiny fence and grave stones for the church. She said that cutting and sticking endless miniature planks was like a torturous prison assignment! A bar/gallery called Studio 8 agreed to let us shoot in their exhibition space and they even kept the city set up for a few weeks after the shoot as a 3D installation!

"I downloaded the stock footage from the Prelinger Archives which is an awesome, creative commons public domain resource where you can find some really interesting stuff. We shot using two projectors and I got Gordon (a self-confessed light wizard) to make a video of 'psychedelic colours' to project at the end."



DirectorGraeme Maguire
Production CompanyG
1st ADSarah Maguire
Director of PhotographyBianca Bodmer
CommissionerClarice Bourgois
Special ThanksStudio 8, Berlin

David Knight - 23rd Jan 2012

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