David Knight - 20th Jan 2012

James Sharpe directed the video for ex-Hefner frontman Darren Hayman's I Taught You How To Dance a little while ago, making a heartfelt and affecting piece despite starting with a rather unusual premise. "The idea was to try to tell a story using only feet, which was a bit of a challenge," says James. "We cheat a little in places but the feet are still the stars.

"The track has this raw intimate feel, which I wanted to recreate, choosing to cut the usual crew and equipment, shoot very simply in natural light, not using a RED or DSLR and opting to shoot, edit and grade myself. We've heard reports that the video has caused some people to shed to a tear."


DirectorJames Sharpe
ProducerRussell Noon

David Knight - 20th Jan 2012

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