David Knight - 8th Dec 2011


DirectorAlden Volney

David Knight - 8th Dec 2011

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PLUGS 'On and On' by Alden Volney

Alden Volney, who created the very cool retro-styled animation for PLUGS' Black Microdots a few months ago, has reunited with the band for a combination of 70s/80s-style live performance and graphic …

David Knight - 27th Mar 2012


Villagers 'The Waves' by Alden Volney

"As The Waves was such a departure from the Villagers' previous records, we had steer away as far as we could from the feel of their other videos," says Alden. "It was a bit too obvious, visually …

David Knight - 11th Sept 2012


Childhood 'Falls Away' by Alden Volney

Alden Volney does a great job with this video for Childhood's Falls Away, promoting the artist in a creative and fun way thus spreading their music further. He uses a number of …

Luke Tierney - 28th May 2014


Black Rivers 'Voyager 1' by Alden Volney

Alden Volney reimagines, extends, and generally messes with the whole Alien/Ripley legend in his video for Black Rivers' Voyager 1 - the first release by Jez and Andy Williams from …

David Knight - 15th Oct 2014

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