David Knight - 7th Dec 2011

The iconoclastic Tobias Stretch makes his second successive video involving real humans in this deranged fantasy for Post War Years' All Eyes, with a girl stalked by a couple of Tobias's distinctive sculpture/puppet creations... But with its highly disjointed timeline, even the strangest things are rarely what they seem.

Essentially more evidence that Tobias - whose piece de resistance for Radiohead's Weird Fishes/Arpeggi was shown at the Odeon Leicester Square on Tuesday (November 29th) as part of BUG's Radiohead special - is a completely individual and extraordinary filmmaker.

Watch 'Post War Years 'All Eyes' by Tobias Stretch' here


DirectorTobias Stretch
Production CompanySkin Flicks
StylistRachel Nachmias
Production AssistantJamie Rose, Nick Dronick

David Knight - 7th Dec 2011

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