David Knight - 29th Nov 2011

In James Sharpe's video for Frankie and the Heartstrings' Everybody Looks Better, Frankie and the boys abandon their smoking motor in a field, and then are picked off one-by-one by a couple of predatory country girls - all in a single take.

"We shot in rural Nottinghamshire in a place called Gotham," says James. "The location we used we found by accident one evening after dark - and being resourceful my producer Russell found a farmer's number and called the next day and somehow managed to get permission to shoot on the land.

"The actual day of shooting was fraught with a battle with time and light - the sun choosing only that day that week not to come out, plus the cold stiffened the nice old lens we were using to shoot with (a focus pullers nightmare.) We rehearsed the video for roughly three hours, using a 7D before getting the RED and steadicam into action. We managed to shoot five full takes, and we went for the third take in the end.

"It was a bit of a headache of logistics, not only moving the camera, the band and our actresses around within the frame, but also them and the rest of the crew dashing around behind the frame, but it was fun. I aim to do more one take videos in the future of increasing complexity!"



DirectorJames Sharpe
Director of PhotographyEmma Dalesman
1st ADGreg Mcleod
SteadicamMick Scott
Focus PullerJake Martin
Make-upAmy Davis & Elizabeth M
ColouristTony Redman
Special ThanksSam Jordan

David Knight - 29th Nov 2011

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