David Knight - 18th Nov 2011

As Friendly Fires' video for Hurting is directed by David Lewandowski of Going To The Store (and Tron Legacy) fame - it's his debut video - this means that seeing someone (even a pretty girl) walking down a street is a cue for wholesale weirdness.

And that starts happening after about 15 seconds, as soon as the squelchy synth kicks in. FF's Ed McFarlane has a TV head and would like to make friends with the girl whose touch is definitely hurting. Its goofy, but the effects work that wouldn't be out of place in a Marvel Comics movie (or comic), so you want to check it out again and again.

Watch 'Friendly Fires 'Hurting' by David Lewandowski' here

PRO Credits


DirectorDavid Lewandowski
Production CompanyPulse Films
Director of PhotographyChristian Sprenger

David Knight - 18th Nov 2011

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