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Robin Foster feat. Dave Pen 'Forgiveness' by Peter King & David Procter

Jimmy Brown - 17th Nov 2011

Shot on the RED EPIC on location in Camaret Sur Mer, Northern France, Peter King and David Procter unveil their alluring cinematic promo for Robin Foster's Forgiveness.

"We shot two half days on location in Northern France with a skeletal crew - ie... just the two of us," says David. "Having become accustomed to large crews on our commercial projects it was quite liberating returning to a more guerilla production, although we had to pull in a lot of favours to make it happen.

"Add to the mix rough seas, a non-English speaking lead coupled with our lack of French, and a corpse... it was certainly memorable."

Jimmy Brown - 17th Nov 2011


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Director of Photography
David Procter


Edwin Metternich

Jimmy Brown - 17th Nov 2011

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