David Knight - 7th Nov 2011

A collaboration of San Francisco-based band Seventeen Evergreen with Oakland-based directing maestros Corey Creasey and Ian Kibbey - aka Terri Timely - for Polarity Song has resulted in something remarkable and beautiful - with the crucial input of Ian and Corey's (SF-based) artist friend Sarah Applebaum.

Applebaum's medium of choice are textiles to make 'soft sculptures' - put to brilliant use in the Timely's creation of a very woolly and colourful alternate universe within a drab, cavernous thrift store (probably somewhere in the Bay Area). Stephen Richards of Lucky Number calls it "the best video we've ever commissioned."


WriterA Terri Timely and Sarah Applebaum Collabor
DirectorTerri Timely
ProducerDavid Lambert
Production ManagerRyan Miller
Director of PhotographyDonavan Sell
Art DirectorZoe Kim and Jona Tochet
CommissionerStephen Richards

David Knight - 7th Nov 2011

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