Jimmy Brown - 1st Nov 2011

"The song's lyrics have a message about standing up in the face of adversity, and not giving up the fight," offers Tim. "I thought this was a pretty powerful message and wanted to get a full-on, aggressive performance to match that angst.

"The barricade that they play under was directly influenced by protests I saw in Barcelona and more closer to home, Dale Farm. Whatever your views on it, you can't deny the potent image that barricade made on our TV screens."


DirectorTim Fox
ProducerSteven Gilfe
Production CompanyAddiction Entertainment
EditorNicole Eveleigh
Art DirectorGrace Bailey
StylistBella Rox
Director's RepresentationDebs Ramsey @ <a href="yilondon.com" target="_blank">y

Jimmy Brown - 1st Nov 2011

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