David Knight - 17th Oct 2011

A compelling work by Thibaut Duverneix - described as an 'audio-visual collaboration' with Swedish band The Good The Bad and their reworking of the track 032. It's an impressive new take on what started with 'time-slice' as the camera moves within what looks convincingly like still tableaux, involving females of all ages.

Thibaut and the team at Antler Films have revealed how they actually achieved it, to fans of the video on Vimeo:

"We shot on RED MX with UNIK OPTIC lenses. People were standing still. We flied [sic] through the scenes with a steady cam at 3k 60fps. We then 3D motion-tracked the scenes, integrated 3D elements and fixed some things (wire removal, eyes blinking a lot...). But not too much, I didn't want it to be too perfect, people move just a little bit, sometimes blink their eyes, so it would be more poetic and less mechanical.

"Pre-grade was done in the RED software on set by our amazing DIT Alexis Vanier. The final grade was done in after effect along with compositing by Fly Studio."


DirectorThibaut Duverneix
Production CompanyAntler Films
1st ADC
Director of PhotographyM
Focus PullerGuillaume Sabourin
SteadicamBrian Finlay
StylistCristina Acevedo
Art DirectorM
Assistant Art DirectorAmandine Daviet, Pierre
Post ProducerFly Studio
DITAlexis Vanier
GripMaxime Cloutier
Production AssistantEric Raglione, Cody Larocque

David Knight - 17th Oct 2011

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