Jimmy Brown - 5th Oct 2011

Butcher The Bar - aka singer-songwriter Joel Nicholson from Rotherham - teams up with Rob Jury for Alpha Street West from his Each A Future Tethered album, and a one-shot video that was a test of endurance for the artist.

"The shoot was an adventure to say the least," says Rob Jury. "After issues with kit and the 10 foot steel rig breaking half way through the day, we finally managed to get three takes of the entire track. You can see the look on Joel's face throughout, as he endured quite a bit.

"Not only being rotated upside down and having all matters of art department debree thrown at him, but he had to sing the track at double speed and he still seemed to focus on the camera and portray a great performance."


DirectorRob Jury
Director of PhotographyMikolaj Jaroszewicz
CastJoel Nicholson
Production AssistantTerry Tsang/ Chris Dewey/ Chema Gomez

Jimmy Brown - 5th Oct 2011

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