David Knight - 27th Sept 2011

Nova Dando, top fashion stylist and costume designer whose work has graced numerous music videos, has now directed the video for Kele's What Did I Do, featuring Lucy Taylor on vocals.

And as you might expect, its very stylish - beautifully photographed by Sam Goldie (and Nova hands over styling duties to Nadine Artois). But there's also a fire going underneath too, with big performances by Lucy and Kele, who's clearly happy to leave his Bloc Party-indie wallflower persona way behind. Nova may be multi-tasking from now on...


DirectorNova Dando
Director of PhotographySam Goldie
ProducerElliott Tagg
EditorJames Wright
StylistNadine Artois
ChoreographerAaron Sillis

David Knight - 27th Sept 2011

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