David Knight - 23rd Sept 2011

It's a new video by Tobias Stretch, for French band Dode's Soldat II - and this one represents a notable change for the stop-motion open-air iconoclast.

Tobias has eschewed his trademark found-object sculpture-puppets to work with real people - but it remains quintessentially Stretch-like. Not least the woman's extraordinary garment.

"I used to do live action stuff years ago, it's great to get back into it - I can't wait to do another one!" says Tobias. "All the people in the video are my friends who were so kind as to hang out in the cold water long enough for me to get the shot. The costume was a textural foam surface (torn-up bits of mattress foam hot glued onto a dress) that was enhanced in post using a secret technique."


DirectorTobias Stretch

David Knight - 23rd Sept 2011

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