David Knight - 13th Sept 2011

Newcastle-based J6 Films has produced a music video for dance outfit Trafik's new track Paid Up in Full after receiving investment from Teesside's Institute of Digital Innovation (IDI) and creative industry development agency Northern Film & Media.

The IDI asked J6 to think of an idea for a film, which would showcase their pioneering motion control camera and green screening facilities. Toma Jablon came up with an innovative concept for a video for Trafik, based on a theory by Russian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky (1863 - 1945) involving the 'noosphere' - a third third stage in the earth's development, after the geosphere and the biosphere.

Tetrahedrons fly through space to reach Earth - each containing a human head - and a 'nest' - the noosphere - formed of the Tetrahedrons's trail, takes shape, wrapping itself around the Earth. "The motion control camera allowed us to capture the exact and precise movement of every such pass," says J6 MD James Baxter. "These passes then had to be comped in outer space using CGI."

Northern Film & Media's funding enabled animator Alex Lambert to deliver the 3D animation side of the project, while Toma created the 2D and composited/graded/online for the video.



Production CompanyJ6 Films
DirectorToma Jablon
ProducerJames Baxter
Director of PhotographyKyle Heslop
1st ADKarl Liegis
CommissionerNorthern Film & Media

David Knight - 13th Sept 2011

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