David Knight - 19th Aug 2011

In the absence of the artist Ben Reed gets creative with words (and not for the first time - remember Wave Pictures' Sweetheart) for Josh Radin's I Missed You - and a few photos of Josh.

Ben: "It was another very long and hot summer weekend spent in a blacked out room blasting lights at small objects. Although it was a pretty educational video for me; not only did I learn how to use autoCAD, I found out which body parts shouldn't go in a laser-cutter and became an encyclopedia on varieties and uses of all domestic and industrial foams. After the shoot I found I can recognise helvetica in 53 different languages from a distance of 30 feet."

Watch 'Josh Radin 'I Missed You' by Ben Reed' here


DirectorBen Reed

David Knight - 19th Aug 2011

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